August 17, 2021

Webinar round-up: A practical introduction to Sourcing Optimization

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Webinar round-up: A practical introduction to Sourcing Optimization

Discussions about Procurement Technology and data are messy. Especially, if it's not your day-to-day job, it can be hard to understand the connection between different capabilities or how data can flow with purpose between solutions to create valuable insights.

While sourcing in terms of RFx and auctions is well understood, advanced sourcing optimization and the associated capabilities are not widely known. The webinar ‘A practical introduction to Sourcing Optimization’ sheds some light on how advanced sourcing capabilities fit into the puzzle of Procurement software and how it can drive efficiency and impact for organizations.

The session brought to life an earlier series of blog posts and the white paper ‘A beginner’s guide to Sourcing Optimisation’. By watching the recording, you will learn:

  • how to navigate the Procurement technology landscape with ease,
  • what sourcing optimization brings to the table,
  • the concept of holistic sourcing decision,
  • which use cases exist across various spend categories like Logistics, Packaging, Professional Services, Marketing, Facility Management and MRO/CAPEX and
  • how to create more value and better stakeholder relationships with advanced sourcing capabilities.

As part of the Q&A, audience members raised questions on the importance of connectedness for modern Procurement SaaS solutions and how to deal with competing priorities. We discussed the expectations towards CPOs on how to manage sustainability, risk, diversity, and innovation next to costs as part of our webinar ‘Shifting CPO priorities & the accelerated digitalization of Procurement’.

Especially the inclusion of sustainability metrics and how to balance them with other priorities came up multiple times. We have explored the importance of this topic for today’s Procurement organizations in a recent webinar called ‘Making sustainability actionable in Procurement’ as well as a white paper titled ‘Sustainability metrics in Sourcing & Procurement’.

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