April 12, 2021

Webinar with EcoVadis - Make sustainability actionable in sourcing

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Webinar with EcoVadis - Make sustainability actionable in sourcing

Sustainability has been a main challenge and topic of debate for Procurement organizations for over a decade. While many have started to establish approaches to track their own impact and measure their supply chain through supplier self-assessments, few have found a way to incorporate this information in their decision process.

Webinar invitation for Making sustainability actionable in sourcing including participating speakers

With our webinar “Make sustainability actionable in sourcing” we will explore how companies can turn this information into actionable insights by including sustainability metrics in their decision-making process. The webinar is moderated by Tanja Reilly from EcoVadis.

The discussion panel includes Thomas Udesen, CPO of Bayer and co-founder of The Sustainable Procurement Pledge, Dr. Stephan Wagner, Professor for Supply Chain Management at ETH Zürich, Clara Rowe, CEO of Restor and Lukas Wawrla, co-founder of Archlet.

The recording of the Webinar is now available.


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