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Empowering the buyers of tomorrow

Data-enabled sourcing experiences start with Archlet. We empower company buyers to make faster and more informed decisions in strategic sourcing.

Take back your time

When companies source, managing the supplier bids and finding the best outcome becomes a full-time job. Time pressure makes this work error-prone and slows down procurement teams, leaving no time for more strategic activities. Our intelligent sourcing platform centralizes all sourcing activities to make buyers' work more collaborative, data-driven and fast.
+ 95%
of companies still use Excel when evaluating supplier bids after sourcing events.
* Based on our interviews with more than 500 globally operating procurement organizations.
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Source fast, boost savings

With an intuitive interface, thoughtful features and the power of category-specific intelligence, we help you run data-based negotiations with your suppliers. Start making holistic sourcing decisions, by also considering non-cost parameters (such as sustainability and diversity scores). This boosts savings by up to 15% - all within a few clicks.


Work faster and more efficiently with our easy to use and intelligent sourcing optimization and automation features. Create headspace for more strategic activities across your business.


Immediately react to changing supply chain situations - especially during negotiations. Create alternative sourcing scenarios with only a few clicks and without the need of any IT skills.

Data driven

Start making data-backed decisions. Include non-cost components such as sustainability, risk or supplier diversity scores into the bid analysis, supplier feedback, and final awarding decision.
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"Archlet has freed up our buyers from complex scenario optimization processes to focus on what really matters. The app accelerates our sourcing evaluation from days to minutes."

Xavier Rancoule,
Vice President Procurement

"Thanks to Archlet, we can increase our transparency in complex sourcing events to quickly move into supplier negotiations supported by the right data."

Thorsten Velten,
Procurement Excellence

”With Archlet we are able to further automate our sourcing processes and increase capabilities so that our procurement managers focus on more strategic tasks.”

Nadia Stojkov,
Chief Procurement Officer

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