We turn data into decisions

Introducing Archlet, the first guided sourcing engine. Rapidly build scenarios after a sourcing event and let our AI-decision advisor help you enter supplier negotiations backed by the right data.


Spend your time wisely - not crunching data

Create new insights

Stop trusting gut feelings and start making data-backed and informed decisions for all sourcing events, across all categories.

Boost savings

Find and address untapped savings opportunities across all spend categories and spend sizes through advanced sourcing analytics.

Do more with less

Be faster and more efficient with easy to use and impactful sourcing analytics. Create headroom for new and strategic activities.

Create & evaluate scenarios -
within seconds

Collect and clean supplier bids
Evaluate and optimize different scenarios
Let our AI engine support your negotiations
Collect and clean supplier bids

What if you never had to manually clean your bidding data? Now you can launch a sourcing event either through your current sourcing tool or our Bid Collector. The gathered bids are proactively validated in our engine to allow for most efficient and effective bid collection and data cleaning.

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Evaluate and optimize different scenarios

No matter the business constraints or event size you have, our combinatorial optimization algorithms immediately calculate the best possible savings scenario within just a few seconds. Intuitive user interfaces result in high adoption across all spend sizes and categories.

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Let our AI engine support your negotiations

While combinatorial optimization is the core of our solution, the synergies of optimization with an intelligent and guided sourcing experience based on external data is were the true value is generated. Our App helps you do data-backed negotiations with suppliers to achieve better outcomes.

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Trusted by the world's leading companies

Archlet is an easy to use and intelligent cloud-based sourcing application. We work with SMEs and large enterprise companies to make sourcing simple, guided and smart. Results with our first clients show an average of 7.6% in created financial savings - while doubling process efficiency.

"Thanks to Archlet, we can increase our transparency in complex sourcing events to quickly move into supplier negotiations supported by the right data. We are now able to not only consider costs, but also non-cost components to explore new sourcing opportunities and to maximize savings."
Strategic Procurement Manager
"Archlet has freed up our analyst team from complex scenario optimization processes to focus on what really matters. The app accelerates our sourcing scenario evaluation time from days to just a few minutes."
Xavier Rancoule - VP Procurement

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