Holistic decisions drive better outcomes for businesses and our planet

Procurement’s strategic importance is without question. It works at the very forefront of its organization’s ambitions, but at times it struggles to shake off perceptions as a cost cutter.

Holistic decisions can help Procurement increase its strategic position  and drive the outcomes that matter most to businesses. That’s why Archlet is building the world’s first platform for holistic decisions.
Procurement has never been one-dimensional when it comes to making decisions, but it struggles with its perception. More often than not, Procurement practitioners only sigh and smile when asked if misconceptions about their profession or the value it delivers exist. Procurement is often perceived as a cost-cutter - 
not a function that brings a holistic and measured perspective 
to the discussion.  

Procurement is inherently complex due to the large amounts of information on internal demand, suppliers, pricing, and external data it needs to process. While supplier data regarding risk, sustainability, diversity, or performance are often captured in appropriate systems, this information is usually not available to every sourcing manager or consistently integrated into the decision-making process.
Price is not
Introducing a new way 
to make decisions
While Procurement professionals know that the best value for the organization considers more than price, acting on those additional internal and external business constraints is a different story. Considering multiple of these factors simultaneously and arguing beyond price is almost impossible when sourcing events are executed and analyzed in Outlook & Excel alone. These limitations throw the focus on cost savings, diminishing the value that Procurement is ultimately able to provide and demoting it to role of cost cutter.

In today’s world, Stakeholders no longer equate value one-for-one with cost savings. Value comes from balancing competing priorities including qualitative internal and external information like supplier performance, financial risk ratings, sustainability metrics, or diversity information next to the commercial proposals in the modeling of possible sourcing scenarios. This is what we call holistic decisions. 
Becoming a strategic business partner by making data actionable
When Procurement makes decisions holistically, 
it unlocks value that no other function can rival.
Procurement can evaluate and demonstrate competing strategic alternatives and their respective opportunity costs to its stakeholders. Doing so allows the business to have fact-based discussions and bring transparency to the decision-making process.  
Clearly articulating the cost of competing business requirements enables Procurement to unlock new savings opportunities. These savings can be used to drive future growth and innovation.
Making previously unused and hard-to-qualify data actionable in the decision-making process increases Procurement's strategic impact. It empowers Procurement to drive the outcomes businesses truly care about and makes it a valuable business partner.


Sound good? We think so too. 
Holistic decisions can start today.

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