Become the hero of every negotiation

With our AI-based sourcing analytics & guided approach to scenario modeling and sourcing optimization, Archlet makes the complexity in sourcing manageable and results more impactful.
Sourcing analytics

Drive efficiency and savings with advanced analytics and insights

Gain detailed insights on cost drivers & cost comparisons. Archlet identifies and highlights the biggest negotiation opportunities to allow for efficient supplier feedback processes that increase competition.
Scenario modeling

Model sourcing scenarios with ease to leverage all your data

Create and model sourcing scenarios that consider commercial & non-price factors. Archlet allows for instant scenario modeling to reflect internal & external business constraints.
Negotiation insights

Unlock hidden opportunities with actionable insights

Negotiate backed by insightful data and analytics. Archlet empowers you to run data-based supplier negotiations with detailed scenario comparisons that highlight cost drivers & opportunity costs.
Feature Highlights

Unleash the full potential of Procurement

Automated data validation

Fast-track your supplier proposal analysis. Identify errors, inconsistencies, and price outliers automatically to improve the speed and data quality in your sourcing process.

Out-of-the-box visualizations

Get an overview quickly. Quickly understand where you stand and what to focus on with insightful visualizations that support stakeholder discussions and supplier negotiations.

Advanced analytics

Gain detailed insights on cost drivers and competitive cost comparisons. Identify the biggest negotiation opportunities with opportunity graphs, cost breakdowns, and powerful heatmaps to improve your negotiation power.

Intuitive scenario builder

Create and model custom sourcing scenarios with ease. Reflect unlimited internal and external business constraints in your analysis to see all your options and make holistic decisions.

Supplier and category intelligence

Predict your impact. Gain insights on behavioral patterns on a supplier or category level to inform your negotiation strategy and unlock new savings opportunities.

Negotiation guidance

Improve your negotiation outcomes. Understand your negotiation opportunities and gain detailed insights on cost drivers, the competitive environment, and trade-offs to focus your negotiations on the aspects that matter most.

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