As easy as Outlook, as comprehensive as Excel

Manage the end-to-end sourcing process from RFx to awarding suppliers in one intuitive platform. Archlet moves your strategic sourcing activities from Email and Excel to one central platform.

Solve all your sourcing needs in one place

Move your sourcing process out of Excel and Outlook into one intuitive platform. Execute RFIs, RFPs, RFQs and supplier negotiations and manage all analysis, scoring and negotiations in one flexible solution.

Engage & collaborate with your stakeholders

Collaborate with your entire team to increase decision buy-in. Invite your team members, assign tasks, and evaluate submissions with a flexible scoring matrix to gain a holistic view of supplier submissions.
Knowledge hub

Professionalize your sourcing process

Standardize your supplier engagement to start learning from past events. Leverage best practice category templates, insightful dashboards, and powerful communication features to keep track of your events and build out a central knowledge hub.
Supplier feedback

Level the playing field

Provide detailed and actionable feedback to achieve more savings. Utilize various customizable feedback types and provide automatic feedback on a cost-component level in our price heatmap to increase the competitiveness of your supply base.
Feature Highlights

Unleash the full potential of Procurement

Intuitive RFIs, RFPs and RFQs

Execute sourcing events with ease. Create simple or strategic sourcing events in no time and invite your suppliers to share their information, proposals, or quotations with you.

Flexible questionnaire builder

Collect what is important to you. Create custom questionnaires and response options that can be used for scenario analysis or to enhance your supplier profiles.

Agile bid sheets

Design flexible bid sheets within minutes. Create your own customized bid sheets or make use of our 50+ best practice category templates.

Custom evaluation matrix

Conduct holistic supplier evaluations. Define your own scoring matrix on an event or category level to ensure unbiased total value supplier evaluations.

Collaborative sourcing

Work as one team. Bring together stakeholders and decision makers to collaboratively score and evaluate proposals based on customizable evaluation criteria.

Insightful dashboards

Gain insights on supplier quotes and other relevant parameters. Identify what matters most through powerful visualizations, price heatmaps and supplier rankings.

Standard sourcing scenarios

Receive automated standard award scenarios. Access default sourcing scenarios to immediately review and compare common award decisions around the best price, your incumbent suppliers or limiting the number of winning suppliers.

Detailed feedback

Provide detailed feedback to your suppliers. Share automated feedback across all data fields to stimulate competition in your sourcing events.

Free supplier portal

Enhance your supplier experience. Manage your suppliers in the free supplier portal to gain performance insights and to identify new opportunities for both parties.

We don’t stop at collecting data. We make it actionable!

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