March 26, 2024

How to drive data-based sourcing decisions with Beroe and Archlet?

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How to drive data-based sourcing decisions with Beroe and Archlet?

Join us on Thursday April 4th at 4pm CEST / 10am EST for an insightful masterclass focusing on driving data-based sourcing decisions. Vel Dhinagaravel, CEO & Founder of Beroe, and Lukas will share invaluable tips and tricks. The discussion will be joined by Karin Hagen-Gierer, CPO of Sandoz and Strategic Advisor of Archlet.Discover why integrating data into sourcing decisions is more critical than ever, explore available sources, and learn how to access them. In today's complex supply chain landscape, leveraging the right data is indispensable for effective sourcing. Don't miss out on practical insights and best practices to make informed decisions.

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About Beroe

Beroe is a global SaaS-based procurement intelligence and analytics provider. Beroe delivers intelligence, data, and insights that enable companies to make smarter sourcing decisions – leading to lower cost, reduced risk, and greater profits. Beroe has been a trusted source of intelligence for more than 15 years and presently partners with 10,000 companies worldwide, including 400 of the Fortune 500 companies.

About Archlet

Archlet is an AI-powered, user-friendly SaaS platform for e-Sourcing and Bid Analytics. At Archlet, we make it easy for Procurement teams to gather, store, and analyze their data. With Archlet, strategic sourcing managers can use automated bid optimization and analytics to quickly gain insights, boosting negotiation power and freeing up time for more strategic tasks. Global enterprises trust Archlet to eliminate inefficiencies in their sourcing process and make faster, better decisions.


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