February 22, 2024

We're hosting 2 Workshops on AI for Procurement Practitioners

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We're hosting 2 Workshops on AI for Procurement Practitioners

In a world where tech is rapidly evolving, grasping AI is more crucial than ever. Don't just imagine – be a part of the change, where innovation defines success. AI isn't just a buzzword; it's a game-changer reshaping industries. And it is here to stay. Those who understand its power today will shape tomorrow's solutions.

For this reason, we are today announcing two upcoming workshops at the Archlet HQ in Zürich on April 9th and June 12th. These sessions will give you valuable insights into how Artificial Intelligence can be used in Procurement.

Sign up here:

1. Workshop - 09 April 2024, Archlet HQ in Zürich
2. Workshop - 12 June 2024, Archlet HQ in Zürich

The AI Workshop is tailored for Procurement experts. No need to fear AI intricacies – our experts will break them down into easy-to-understand insights. Get hands-on experience building and validating your own AI/ML prototypes.

What to expect:

  1. In-depth Training: Our AI experts simplify complex AI concepts for you.
  2. Hands-on Prototyping: Build your own AI/ML prototypes during the workshop.

Who should attend? This workshop is for Procurement professionals of all levels – from beginners curious about AI basics to seasoned experts ready to explore advanced applications in their field. Don't miss the chance to learn, create, and be part of the pioneers shaping the next chapter in tech evolution.


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