June 20, 2022

Archlet launches Archlet Sourcing App to enable end-to-end sourcing processes and simplify holistic decisions in Procurement

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Sourcing just got smarter

Zürich, Switzerland – June 20th 2022 --
Archlet, the user-first sourcing software company that helps companies make better sourcing decisions faster, today announced the launch of the Archlet Sourcing App, an intuitive solution that makes the end-to-end execution of RFIs, RFPs, and RFQs more impactful than ever.

Archlet Sourcing App: A user-centric end-to-end Sourcing solution

The Archlet Sourcing App enables Procurement professionals to work more efficiently and effectively. It integrates all the tools and functions needed to execute RFIs, RFPs, RFQs, and supplier negotiations, and manage the entire sourcing process from start to finish. The convenient dashboard view makes data and insights manageable, allowing professionals to identify what matters most through powerful visualizations. In addition, integrated collaboration features enable productive team communication and effective supplier feedback conversations.

“We’re excited to empower our customers with easy-to-use, yet powerful end-to-end sourcing capabilities in our Archlet Sourcing App. Our users need to make strategic and impactful decisions for their organizations that consider a variety of external information, but have little headspace to engage with tools to determine their impact. We focused on making our tool both intuitive and insightful, enabling even the less technologically inclined users to make holistic and data-driven decisions,” says Archlet co-founder Lukas Wawrla. “The Archlet Sourcing App is our answer to the desperate need for great user experience in the sourcing technology landscape. Our solution integrates advanced capabilities and features that provide customers with the tools to quickly make the most informed strategic sourcing decisions.” added co-founder Jakob Manz.

With the Archlet Sourcing App, users leverage actionable analytics to drive impactful decisions

Using the Archlet Sourcing App, Procurement professionals can:

  • Create simple or strategic sourcing events in no time and invite your suppliers to share their information, proposals, or quotations with you.
  • Create custom questionnaires and response options that can be used for scenario analysis or to enhance your supplier profiles.
  • Design flexible bid sheets within minutes or use 50+ best practice category templates.
  • Gain insights on supplier quotes and other relevant event parameters with intuitively designed dashboards.
  • Provide detailed feedback to your suppliers and stimulate competition in your sourcing events.
  • Manage your suppliers in the free supplier portal to identify new opportunities for both parties.

See the new Archlet Sourcing App in action at the product launch webinar on June 20th at 08:30 PST / 11:30 EST / 17:30 CET

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About Archlet

Archlet is a user-first sourcing software company that helps companies make better sourcing decisions faster by providing best-in-class sourcing, analytics, and optimization capabilities. As an official spin-off from ETH Zürich, Archlet combines data science and machine learning capabilities with deep hands-on procurement expertise to rethink strategic sourcing software.

Archlet empowers pioneering Procurement teams across industries, company sizes and digital maturity to make data driven and holistic sourcing decisions. Clients include PepsiCo, Coop, Emmi Group, Deutsche Bahn, Gordon Food Service, Linde and many more. For more information, visit

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