March 5, 2024

Archlet added to Spend Matters SolutionMap 2024

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Archlet has just been added to the Spend Matters 2024 SolutionMap

Today, Spend Matters announced the release of its Spring 2024 SolutionMap and TechMatch procurement technology rankings, which include 79 procurement technology vendors.

At Archlet, we are thrilled to be ranked by Spend Matters on their SolutionMap for Sourcing and Sourcing Optimization software (playing in both categories).

The 79 selected procurement technology vendors underwent the most rigorous functionality and capability assessment of procurement technology in the industry. SolutionMap contains 500+ RFI requirements across 12 source-to-pay (S2P) categories with mandatory demos and impartial, anonymized customer ratings.

Five new vendors were added to SolutionMap in this 2024 cycle:

“We’ve designed SolutionMap to aid the practitioner so they may better understand and analyze the customer experiences, market developments and technological innovation of the myriad solution providers by process competency,” said Jason Busch, Founder and CEO of Spend Matters.

Spend Matters launched the SolutionMap in 2017 and it is published twice annually. Read more about the SolutionMap methodology here.

About Spend Matters

Spend Matters started as the first blog and social media site in the procurement and supply chain sector and has since grown into the leading source for data-backed technology and solutions intelligence. Serving private and public sector organizations, consultants, private equity and services and solution providers, Spend Matters drives strategic technology purchasing decisions and superior marketing and sales, product and investment outcomes for clients. Spend Matters is the only tech-enabled, proprietary data platform with exclusive IP that serves the global procurement, finance and supply chain technology ecosystem.

About Archlet

Archlet is an AI-powered, user-friendly SaaS platform for e-Sourcing and Bid Analytics. At Archlet, we make it easy for Procurement teams to gather, store, and analyze their data. With Archlet, strategic sourcing managers can use automated bid optimization and analytics to quickly gain insights, boosting negotiation power and freeing up time for more strategic tasks. Global enterprises trust Archlet to eliminate inefficiencies in their sourcing process and make faster, better decisions.


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