August 24, 2023

Archlet and SpendHQ strengthen their Partnership

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Archlet and SpendHQ strengthen their partnership by launching an updated product integration

Archlet and SpendHQ, the global leader in Procurement Performance Management via the acquisition of Per Angusta, have just launched an updated integration between the two platforms. With our new integration, Archlet customers can leverage SpendHQ’s opportunity tracking and management tools to plan and execute sourcing opportunities more strategically. SpendHQ customers can directly create tenders in Archlet to benefit from advanced sourcing analytics and scenario optimization capabilities. Plus, the end-to-end sourcing process is streamlined with automatic capture of achieved savings and impact for each sourcing event in Per Angusta.

The 3 key benefits of integrating Archlet with Per Angusta
  1. Streamlined procurement process by transferring data and insights from planning to execution phase
  2. Improved collaboration and decision making with real-time data and strategic alignment
  3. Easy initial setup and event creation

“Enabling our customers to assess the most relevant solution for a specific context, like Procurement Performance Management, is critical and a driving factor of the SpendHQ and Per Angusta integration. We are offering a best-of-breed approach that provides our customers with unparalleled solutions and value,” said Pierre Laprée, Chief Product Officer, SpendHQ (formerly CEO & Founder of Per Angusta). “The partnership with Archlet will empower our customers to effortlessly initiate simple and complex sourcing events in Archlet straight from SpendHQ. When the bid is awarded, the data will flow back naturally to SpendHQ to report on performance. Once again, 2 modern solution providers demonstrate that being open and interconnected delivers dramatically higher value.”  

“By seamlessly connecting SpendHQ’s performance management capabilities with Archlet’s strategic sourcing, analytics, and scenario optimization capabilities, we align and simplify two critical tasks of strategic sourcing managers,” added Archlet co-founder Lukas Wawrla. “This improves their overall user experience and drives process efficiency, which is an underlying principle of our mission to empower better sourcing decisions faster.”

Interested in the integration? Reach out to our support and engineering team to get this plug-and-play integration running.


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