May 10, 2022

How Archlet made an impact this Earth Week

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In April, we hosted our first annual Earth Week. Throughout the course of the week, we got the A-Team together to rethink our ESG practices, and discuss how we, as individuals and as a company, can be more proactive in our fight against climate change. Each day we tackled a different theme to explore how we can engage in new and impactful ways to protect our planet and its people.  

Day 1: Sustainability Pledges

At the start of the year, we conducted an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Assessment in partnership with ROSE Framework. The assessment looked at both the sustainability of our operations, as well as the external impact of our business model. The report helped us uncover new areas where we can take meaningful action as a company.

On Day 1 of Earth Week, Selina announced the goals Archlet plans to accomplish over the coming year based on the assessment, which includes:
• Conduct a formal assessment of our carbon footprint with a provider and create a roadmap for 2023
• Establish travel policies that limit flights
• Reach at least 95% of people coming to work through public transportation
• Establish an annual Earth Week as one step towards creating a culture of sustainable action across our organization  

We also encouraged the A-Teamers to make pledges of their own in line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Commitments were made to take more hikes and fewer flights, eat less meat or none at all, and to vote (and vote often!)

Day 2: Food

Over a vegan and vegetarian breakfast and an urban gardening session led by Laura, we learned how we all can make more sustainable food choices.

Day 3: Waste

Noelle helped us investigate our consumption habits as a company and introduced new measures to reduce our waste including reusable Archlet water bottles and lunch containers. Information sheets posted around the office brought greater attention to the issue and how we can tackle it.

Day 4: Clothing

We hosted a clothing swap, to bring awareness to the damaging effects the fashion industry has on the environment. And freshen up our wardrobes while we were at it.

Day 5: Transportation

A-team members, Rafael and Justin, hosted a bike repair workshop to encourage healthier and more sustainable ways of transportation.

At Archlet, we don’t simply want to do less harm. We want to do more good. “We're in a position where we can have a large impact on the problem, and only if we take action now can we live up to this responsibility” shares Tim, Co-Founder of Archlet. This earth week was just the start as we strive to build a more sustainable future.

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