April 19, 2022

Demystifying life at a tech startup

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In April, we hosted an insightful and engaging panel discussion in partnership with Girls in Tech Switzerland. Our panelists dug in deep to demystify our all-too-common fears as women at a tech start-up: too much, too hard, too male.

They shared how:

  •    It’s not too much if you love what you do and your company helps you make work fit around your life.

  •    It’s not too hard if you’re in a supportive environment that gives you the mentorship and development opportunities you need.

  •    It’s not too male if everyone contributes to fostering a culture where what you contribute and who you are as a person matter most.

Thank you to our moderator, Corinne Ruckstuhl, our panelists Sabine Do–Thuong, Kaho Sato, Yuliia Dizhak, Joy Yoo, Anaïs Berkes, and all who joined. We can’t wait to see you at the next one!

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