A day in the life of an Account Executive: Pauline Michalik

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Learn what a typical day looks like as an Account Executive at Archlet, with Pauline. She takes us on a journey from her morning muesli to prospect calls and evenings spent lakeside in Zurich.  


My alarm rings at 7:30. After I shower, while I get ready in the morning, I listen to BBC’s Global News podcast or an audiobook. I’m head of the Archlet Book Club, and I listen to all our books on Audible. Then I make coffee and eat breakfast, which is usually yogurt with muesli and fruit, which I eat on my sunny balcony.


Every morning we have a sales stand-up at 8:45, AKA a check-in. We share highlights from the day before and align on what we will be focusing on that day. On Mondays, we have a meeting to share our goals for the week, and on Fridays, we have our sales breakfast, which is our hour-long meeting where we discuss outstanding points in detail and our biggest learnings from the week. After that, my mornings are often spent focusing on sending follow-up emails and preparing for my calls in the afternoon. For example, I just came back from Sourcing Industry Group’s (SIG) Procurement Summit in Florida, so I am sending out follow-ups with everyone I met while there.


During lunch, I like to get outside. I might take a walk or do a TRX or yoga class at the gym. I live in Wiedikon, so if I’m working from home, I go for a walk through the old cemetery (which is basically a huge park). It's filled with beautiful trees. If I’m at the office, I might join a run with the team or head to the outdoor gym nearby.


Because my focus is on the U.S., most of my calls are in the afternoon. It’s easily the best part of my day. When I have calls where the company has strong pain points that I know Archlet addresses, it’s an amazing feeling. I love being able to provide prospective customers with real value and show them that there is a solution to the challenges they’re facing.  


In the evenings, I go to a German class twice a week. On the other days, I love to meet up with friends. We might meet up for a drink by the river or to have a picnic by the lake. My absolute favorite place in Zurich is by the lake, especially when the weather is nice. As I wind down for bed, my boyfriend and I usually watch a series. Currently, we’re watching Sherlock, which turns all my dreams into mysteries.

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