May 25, 2022

A-Team spotlight: Noelle Keller, Office Manager

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Get to know Noelle, our Office Manager and outdoor enthusiast. She shares her recent paragliding adventures and advice that no future Office Manager should forget.

What brought you to Archlet?

A friend of mine that I studied with in Lucerne and Edmonton 5 years ago referred me to Hannah, our Head of People 😊

What do you do at Archlet?

I work on the People Team as the Office Manager as well as support the Finance Team. My day always looks a bit different as the company continues to grow and change but I am responsible for all things office supplies, ordering, onboarding, supporting the events team as well as daily finance tasks. It is a busy role and two days never look the same!

What’s your superpower?

I would say my superpower is that I am outdoorsy. I love all things outdoors: skiing, camping, hiking, and paragliding. After many years of riding tandem while paragliding, I’m slowly starting to learn to paraglide on my own. But for now, I’m still loving the passenger seat.

What two things would you bring with you to a desert island?

I would bring my hiking shoes and a good friend to keep me company.

Where is your favorite place to spend time inZurich?

I haven't yet had the chance to find my favorite summer spot in Zurich—I’m too new to the city to pick—but I do spend most of my weekends exploring the Alps.

What have you nerded out about recently?

German. Although I would say it’s more of a challenge right now than an activity that I “nerd out” about. 

What do you love most about working at Archlet?

The culture. Coming to work is never a struggle, it is full of life and laughter. The potential to grow and learn in a start-up is truly amazing.

Any advice for future Office Managers?

Never forget to order an extra 2 packs of Haribo....

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