Become the hero of every negotiation

User becomes the hero of a negotiation by using Archlet
Archlet moves your strategic sourcing activities from Email and Excel to one central platform. With our guided approach to sourcing optimization, AI-based algorithms and an intuitive user interface, Archlet makes complexity in sourcing manageable and results more impactful.  

Data validation

Quickly collect and manage pricing proposals. Archlet proactively validates the information and highlights errors, inconsistencies and price outliers to improve the data quality in your sourcing process.

Data analytics

Gain detailed insights on cost drivers & competitive cost comparisons. Archlet identifies and highlights the biggest negotiation opportunities to allow for most efficient feedback processes with your suppliers.

Scenario modeling

Create and model sourcing scenarios. Archlet allows for instant scenario modeling based on our combinatorial optimization algorithms to reflect unlimited external and internal business constraints.

Negotiation guidance

Negotiate backed by the right data. Archlet empowers you to run data-based supplier negotiations by combining its sourcing optimization and AI-driven opportunity guidance.

Upgrade your source-to-impact workflow

We have built every feature in Archlet for you to deliver your best work at every stage of the sourcing and negotiation process. Here are a few of them.
Archlet bid sheet screen
Agile bid sheets
Design flexible bid sheets within minutes. Create your own customized bid sheets or make use of our best-in-class category templates.
Insightful analytics
Gain insights on supplier quotes and other relevant parameters. Identify what matters most through powerful visualizations, price heatmaps & supplier rankings.
Optimized scenarios
Model your optimal award scenario. Leverage intelligent optimization to integrate discounts, capacity restrictions or any other business constraint into your award decision.
Detailed feedback
Provide detailed feedback to your suppliers. Share automated feedback across all data fields to improve supplier competitiveness in your sourcing events.
Guided negotiations
Boost your negotiation results. Benefit from data backed insights and game theory-based negotiation recommendations to increase your savings delivery.
Collaborative sourcing
Work as one team. Bring together stakeholders and decision makers to collaboratively score and evaluate proposals based on customizable evaluation criteria.
Archlet delivers value across industries

No industry has a monopoly on complex sourcing events. We see opportunities to benefit from our analytics and sourcing optimization capabilities across industries and spend categories. Companies from a variety of industries have found value in optimizing their raw material, packaging, logistics and professional services spend with Archlet.

Food & Beverage
Pharma & Health
Consumer Goods

Frequently asked questions

If you have further questions, get in touch with us.
What does Archlet do?

Archlet is a web-based sourcing software that offers intelligent and user-friendly RFx, sourcing analytics and sourcing optimization capabilities.

Our sourcing and bid import capabilities empower buyers to quickly collect, validate and correct supplier quotes to drive increased data quality. The sourcing analytics section enables buyers to quickly identify negotiation opportunities and provide immediate feedback to suppliers on their performance. Archlet’s combinatorial sourcing optimization capabilities allows users to model and optimize sourcing scenarios based on existing business constraints.

The modular nature of Archlet allows buyers to either create end-to-end sourcing experiences directly within Archlet or to use their current RFQ tool in combination with the Archlet analytics and scenario optimization apps.

How do you differentiate from other sourcing software tools?

Archlet was founded to rethink strategic sourcing applications because our initial customer operated in a world dominated by Outlook and Excel spreadsheets. Available sourcing software is often rigid and complicated to use, resulting in low adoption and limited value add. We believe that Procurement teams deserve smart and flexible tools with high usability to make the complexity in sourcing manageable. Archlet is focused on delivering the smartest and most intuitive sourcing application that solves the problems of most buyers and makes them the hero in every negotiation.

Do you support integrations into existing technology stacks?

We can easily integrate with existing procurement suites and constantly expand our set of standard APIs to make the ecosystem integrations even faster and the experience more seamless. SAP users can benefit from Archlet via seamless integrations into their SAP Ariba or S/4HANA product ecosystem. Learn more in our press release.

Which spend categories do you support?

We are category agnostic and support all sourcing categories. While most of our clients currently start with categories such as raw materials (vitamins, ingredients, etc.), packaging (flexible, rigid, corrugated), logistics (road, air and ocean freight), MRO or professional services, we see relevant use cases across most direct and indirect categories.

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