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January 16, 2024

The Benefits of Archlet’s Integration with SAP Ariba

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In the dynamic world of Procurement, the integration of cutting-edge technology and efficient software solutions is crucial for staying ahead. Archlet, a leader in easy-to-use and powerful e-Sourcing software, has made significant strides in this area. Archlet’s Bid Analytics and Sourcing Optimization modules have been accessible on the SAP Store for almost 2 years now, and during this time, it has been successfully implemented by a global customer base who have embraced this integrated product solution.

The challenge faced by many enterprise companies today stems from a system-based limitation in managing complex tasks like bid analytics and advanced sourcing optimization. As a result, organizations often resort to using Excel sheets, creating a disconnect in their digital workflows. This shift not only hampers transparency but also makes maintaining compliance a difficult task.

The Power of the Combined Approach

The collaboration between Archlet and SAP Ariba Sourcing is a game-changer for all SAP Ariba customers. It leverages a standardized API connection that enhances Sourcing/Bid Analytics and Sourcing Optimization tasks for users of SAP Ariba. This integration empowers businesses to analyze and model complex sourcing scenarios most effectively, considering factors like sustainability, risk, and supplier diversity, while maintaining a single source of truth with the SAP Ariba backbone.

This enables organizations to transition from relying on Excel sheets for their Sourcing activities to utilizing a robust system that delivers optimal outcomes.

Read more about the integration on the SAP Store website.

Case Study: TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies, a company at the forefront of Procurement digitization, faced significant challenges in centralizing Procurement activities to support its digitization and sustainability goals. The company chose Archlet as the solution provider – on top of SAP Ariba - for ‘Bid Analytics’ to enhance the experience of their sourcing managers when it comes to making faster and better decisions during RFPs, more specifically during supplier negotiations.

The Challenge

TotalEnergies embarked on a Procurement transformation journey to enhance their supplier relationship management and to support a more sustainable future. They identified critical pain points in Procurement. One key pain point turned out to be in the RFQ process, where the handling of large data quantities, complex cost breakdowns, and the limitations in creating scenarios made life for sourcing teams harder than it should have.

The Solution

Archlet’s bid analytics solution presented a smart, user-friendly option. It supported TotalEnergies in moving beyond basic analytics in SAP Ariba, allowing for detailed and impactful supplier negotiations and decision-making.

The Results

Within a year, TotalEnergies witnessed substantial improvements. They include:

  • Enhanced professionalism and strategic competencies of buyers.
  • Identified additional financial savings of 2-5% through data-backed supplier feedback.
  • Reduced sourcing cycle times, allowing for more focus on strategic tasks.

Advancing Procurement with Archlet

The integration of Archlet with SAP Ariba is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a strategic enabler for Procurement teams. It allows companies to:

  • Increase sourcing data quality with automated error and outlier detection.
  • Reduce tender cycle times by eliminating manual Excel-based analysis.
  • Highlight negotiation opportunities at the supplier level for improved savings.
  • Make holistic sourcing decision reflecting business constraints and requirements.


The partnership with SAP Ariba and Archlet illustrates how technology cannot only streamline processes but also drive strategic and sustainable decision-making in Procurement. Explore Archlet’s Sourcing Optimization App on the App Store today and discover how it can transform your procurement processes. For a deeper dive into our capabilities and to see how we can help your business evolve, book a demo with our team today.


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