What is Archlet?

Archlet is a web-based guided sourcing platform. In the core Archlet is a combinatorial optimization platform, where different business constraints can be set by the user and then the algorithms automatically identify best possible sourcing scenarios. On top of that Archlet guides the user by showing risks and opportunities when it comes to creating different scenarios.

What is a guided sourcing experience?

In most companies companies buyers do not have the time to try out different sourcing possibilities and scenarios. Whenever savings opoortunities are large, external consultants support the process and try to show procurement teams what is possible. However, with current state of the art technology the data crunching and scenario exploration part is becoming a lot easier. At Archlet we hide complexity from the user and provide full transpareny and guidance so you can find the best possible sourcing option yourself, withour missing any savings opportunity.

How does Archlet App integrate with your current ERP / Sourcing software?

We integrate with your ERP and e-Sourcing system wherever there are APIs to gather information from. As an example, one of our clients uses spend data from their SAP system so that our App can track if the decisions made by the Archlet App are also being implemented and thus to early detect these missed opportunities.

What categories and events are best fit for the Archlet App?

Archlet operates in all sourcing categories, in tactical and in more strategic spend areas. Whenever there are more than 2 suppliers and business goals to be considered it makes sense to leverage a smart solution to optimize and allocate in the most data-driven and intelligent way. Sourcing categories of our clients currently mainly include raw materials, logistics (road, air & ocean freight), packaging, MRO and services.




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