Empowering world-class sourcing teams

Archlet App users have increased their source-to-award efficiency by a factor of 2, while increasing financial savings in average by 7.6% compared to previous sourcing events.


Guided sourcing intelligence -
at your fingertips

Automated Data Cleaning

Our proactive bid validation allows for automated data cleaning. If you are using the Archlet Bid Collector you can outsource the work directly to invited suppliers.

Combinatorial Optimization

Fast combinatorial optimization algorithms let the user consider constraints such as Volume Discounts, Capacity Limits or Optimal Lane Splitting.

Guided Sourcing

Setting scenario constraints can be a quite tedious process. We advise our users on how to set constraints to not miss any hidden savings opportunities.

Full Transparency

Easy-to-use scenario creation and rich visual reporting allows users to immediately communicate risks and opportunities with other relevant stakeholders.

External Market Intelligence

External market intelligence on product and raw material prices guide the user into more efficient and effective negotiation processes with key suppliers.

System Integration

Integrate with your existing internal systems to feed even more relevant (historic) price and quality information into the Archlet App decision making engine.


Archlet integrates data from various sources - including your ERP and e-Sourcing systems - so you always have the most up-to-date information for best sourcing outcomes. Available at your fingertips.


Data security is one of our top priorities. That is why we use best-in-class 256-bit TLS encryption and are operating our systems in ISO 27001 certified data centers from Microsoft Azure.




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